Hunters were not the only cause

Dodo Bird. Picture via Tsuji

You have certainly heard of the dodo, a clumsy bird that died because of European settlers. Everyone knows what a dodo is, but little is known about this long-lived animal in Mauritius long before humans got there.

The data on the dodo are ancient descriptions and embalmed specimens in some museums around the world. There were two species: the common dodo and the white dodo (the latter lived on the island of Réunion).

Characteristics of the Dodo

Boris Yeltsin mixed power, politics, and alcohol

(left) Boris Yeltsin (right) Bill Clinton. Picture source: Wikipedia

Diplomatic meetings between heads of state are usually subject to strict formal protocols. When then one of the protagonists of a summit meeting is notoriously a lover of alcohol, there could be catastrophic results, or, incredibly hilarious as well as embarrassing.

The Book About Bill Clinton's Presidency

In 2009, journalist Taylor Branch revealed several interesting stories (also embarrassing) about the eight years of Bill Clinton’s (D-Arkansas) presidency (1993–2001), in a book entitled “The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President ”.

The 700+ page book exposes everything the then President of the United States did during his time in the White House. …

A bronze bull designed to make death slow and unbearable

Photo Source: Flickr

Throughout human history, there have been many tyrants who used torture and executions as pressure tools with which to instill fear and terror to citizens or to those who went against their ideas and tried to oppose them or their regimes.

What does a tyrant do with a beautiful bronze statue?

A Racially-charged Cold-blooded murder

Photo Source: Dallasnews

John William King, one of America’s most notorious killers. His case rose to fame in 1998 when, along with two other cronies, committed the terrible crime of James Byrd Jr., an African American who for no other reason than the color of his skin was brutally beaten by these cronies until he was badly injured. they chained Byrd to a pickup truck and dragged him for more than five kilometers down the road until his death.

It all happened on June 7, 1998, in Jasper, Texas, USA. John King, Shawn Berry, and Lawrence Brewer walked by the street when they…

Christopher Watts was a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing

(left) Christopher Watts mugshot, (right) Watts family photo. Image Source:

In 2018, Chris Watts murdered his three months pregnant wife and his two daughters of four and three years, Bella and Celeste. The 33-year-old had decided to murder his family to stay with another woman.

The story of the Watts family murders

It all starts in Frederick, Colorado on August 13, 2018. In front of a charming wooden and brick house at 2825 Saratoga Trail, there is a police officer with a woman. She is Nikole Atkinson and she has reported the disappearance of the woman who lives in that house, her friend Shanann Watts, a 34-year-old mother of two, who’s fifteen weeks pregnant.

Shanann’s car is…

The oldest trace of earthly life confirmed

Artist's impression of early Earth (Wikipedia)

Fossils almost 3.5 billion years old discovered in Australia are the imprint of the oldest known microorganisms that have lived on Earth, scientists have confirmed that life probably appeared much earlier.

For these researchers, the work published in an edition of the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS), also suggests that life could be frequent in the Universe, at least in the form of micro-organisms.

Fossilized Bacteria Discovered

Researchers from the Universities of California and Wisconsin identified, thanks to new mass spectrometry, chemical signatures of eleven microbial specimens that belong to five species including some similar to those existing today.


Our ancestors also mated with a mysterious group of archaic humans

Picture Source:

Hardly anything is known about them. Neither how they were physically, nor what cognitive abilities they had, or even where they lived. Nothing. In fact, what is known about this group of archaic humans, was discovered only 13 years ago, and is so little that they have no scientific name. They are simply known as Denisovans and they constitute the most mysterious relatives of the modern human being.

According to a new study from the University of Washington (United States), the Denisovans had a certain role in our evolutionary history, they cross-bred with our ancestors (Homo sapiens) at least twice…

A mysterious mist plunged the northern hemisphere into darkness and chaos for 18 months

Image: Public Domain

The worst year in human history was not linked to the Holocaust, nor to nuclear bombs, or the massacres that have occurred, or the flu that killed millions of people all over the planet. No. It was something far worse.

A mysterious mist was gradually covering Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, and it became darker and darker. Much of the northern hemisphere experienced 18 months of darkness. Day and night. The year 536 A.D was the coldest in the last 2,300 years.

This all started during the tenth year of the reign of emperor Byzantine Justinian the…


He was starved, forced to eat faeces and killed by his own mother

Gabriel Fernández. Image source: Wikipedia

Gabriel Fernández was eight years old when on May 22, 2013, died from a beating by his mother, Pearl Fernández, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, at his home in Palmdale, in Los Angeles.

After his death, the boy’s family said that his mother did not want him at birth. It is even known that the day Gabriel came into the world his mother left him in the hospital, and his grandparents had to go get him. Thus began a journey that made him know different homes, always with one of his family members.

According to the relatives who adopted him…


Was Austin Harrouff insane when he chewed off one of his victim's face?

Photo source: Associated Press

Austin Harouff was a 19-year-old college student when he committed the murders. He played American football, had a passion for bodybuilding, and his parents describe him as a good person and a Golden Boy. So what prompted him then in August 2016 to attack two people with a knife and eating the face of one of the two victims?

In the beginning, it was thought Austin used drugs such as the famous flakka or “bath salts”, but after tests were carried out no such substances were found, only small traces of marijuana.

So what exactly happened on August 2016?


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